Triskelion Productions



Basic Package
Description Triskelion You
The Basic package is structured around a simple hourly rate for our studio services. It can be as simple as you recording here, or bringing in pre-recorded tracks for mixing. * Multitrack recording and/or
* Mixing and/or
* Mastering
* Listen to the mixes
* Arrange contracts, permissions
* Arrange duplication
* Arrange artwork, CD layout

Album Package
Description Triskelion You
The Album package is very similar to the Basic Package, but rather than focusing on individual aspects of producing your album, the goal is to work closely with you through the entire process. * Multitrack recording, mixing, mastering
* Consults on contracts/permissions
* Consults on duplication
* Works with you for artwork and layout
* Listen to the mixes
* Arrange contracts/permissions
* Arrange duplication
* Bring your own artwork, or work with artists that we suggest

Production Package
Description Triskelion You
With the Production package, all costs are paid by Triskelion Productions, and you earn royalties on all albums sold. Triskelion owns this specific set of recordings (NOT your songs!), and is the producer of the album. * Multitrack recording, mixing, mastering
* CD duplication
* Bandcamp page or small website
* Arrange artwork and layout
* Limited marketing (USA filk dealers, etc)
* Listen to the mixes
* Agree to artwork and layout
* Collect royalties!